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Recepti s džemovima, namazima i ostalim proizvodima


Sometimes it’s not the willingness to prepare lunch, dinner or some treats that we lack, it’s the ideas about what to prepare that we often search for. It happens to even the biggest gourmets among us, who look for recipes and ideas that take your breath away. Dida Boža presents a collection of recipes you can use to make tasty, fast and seasonal dishes that embody the greatest gifts nature can offer. Take a look at our inventory of ideas and find your recipe for an ordinary lunch, family gathering or a romantic dinner for two!

Colorful fruit popsicles

Summer has arrived, and with it comes refreshing ice cream on a stick with jam, the perfect choice for all lovers of cold, sweet pleasure. This delicious treat combines the best of both worlds - creamy ice cream and fruity Dida Boža eco jams. Make your own homemade popsicles with just a few ingredients and enjoy a long, warm summer. You can combine various jams, and our dear Foodoris chose her favorite flavors: cherry, tangerine and blackberry


Butternutt squash soup with green olive spread

The most famous ingredient for autumn soups is butternut squash which allows us to play with various toppings and flavors.

Tortilla with black olive spread

Mrs. Cartello combined Mexico and Dalmatia with an excellent chicken tortilla recipe and Dida Boža black olive spread. @mrs.cartello

Eternal savory pancakes with Dida Boža green olive spread

For everyone who loves savory pancakes, we have a real roll treat with the addition of Dida Boža green olive spread

Grandpa's dinkel cookies

Tasty biscuits with Dinkel flour and Dida Boža spread by preference.

Dida Boža Detoks shake

Dida Boža detox shake

Shake of natural juices, green tea and spread of figs and oranges Dida Boža

Grilled trout stuffed with Dida Boža green olive spread

Grilled trout stuffed with Dida Boža green olive spread and fresh rosemary by @umam1me.

Dida Boža Raw Balls

Raw home made balls as a healthier option for snacks of various flavours.

Grandpa's Gluten Free Bread Dalmatian Style

Prepare juicy gluten-free bread Dalmatian style with Dida Boža black and green olive spreads.

LCHF brownies with Dida Boža beetroot juice

Enjoy with us a brownie recipe with reduced carbohydrate and increased fat content created by our @ketolife.style.

Paleo chicken in Dida Boža pomegranate juice

Spice up your dishes with immunity boosters and additional flavors such as Dida Boža pomegarante juice. Created by @ketolife.style

Tofu scrambled eggs with Dida Boža ajvar

Tofu scrambled eggs with Dida Boža ajvar is a refreshing meal for any time of day.

Boban's cake

A delicious and juicy Boban cake with Dida Boža strawberry jam stuffing is a dessert for any time of the year.

Čokoladna torta s džemom od višnje i Figgyem recept

Chocolate cake

Pour the dry ingredients slowly into the bowl with liquid ingredients and mix until you get a thick mixture.

Dida Boža pita s Višnjama

Dida Boža cherry pie

Place frozen cherries in the cooking pot and wait for the cherries to thaw on the low heat and start to simmer (approx. 10 min.) Add Dida Boža organic cherry spread, vanilla extract and lemon zest.

Dida Boža osvježavajući sorbet

Dida Boža Refreshing Sorbet

Sorbet mix from yoghurt and aronia juice, topped with fig and aronia spreads

Dida Boža Proteinski jogurt shake

Dida Boža Protein Yoghurt Shake

 Yoghurt Shake with Dida Boža organic straberry spread, dried figs, almond milk and black sesame

Dida Boža Spice tuna

Dida Boža spicy tuna

Tuna with bulgur and burnoise vegetables

Dida Boža šareni pileći file

Dida Boža colourful chicken fillet

Cut chicken breast into pieces of same thickness and marinade

Dida Boža Proljetna salata

Dida Boža spring salad

Mixed salad with apple, goji berries, walnuts and Dida Boža dressing

Dida Boža pannacotta od smokve i naranče

Dida Boža fig and orange pannacotta

Dida Boža dessert pannacotta with spread fig and orange.

Dida Boža fitnes jogurt

Dida Boža fitness yoghurt

Joghurt with aronia spread, muesli and nuts

Tortica s kremom od mandarine i ricotte | Dida Boža

Little cake with tangerine and ricotta cream

Use butter, one egg, icing sugar, cocoa, baking powder, flour, oat flakes and grated ginger to make dough...

Brie torta | Dida Boža

Brie cake with Dida Boža fig spread

On a wooden board cut the chilled cheese in half and put on Dida Boža spread...

Rozo pečena pačja prsa s kremom od višanja na hrskavom krekeru | Dida Boža

Medium rare duck breast with sour cherry cream on a crispy cracker

Season the duck breast with salt and pepper and roast it in a pan on both sides until medium rare (they shall remain pink inside). 

Biskupski kruh s božićnim kuhanim vinom | Dida Boža

Bishop bread with Christmas mulled wine

Mix toasted nuts and Dida Boža dried fruits with flour to make it aromatic. 

Glazirana šunka s klinčekom i Dida Boža džemovima marelica i šljiva

Glazed ham with cloves and Dida Boža apricot and plum spreads

Spread Dida Boža apricot jam on the ham and put it in the oven for an hour at 180 °C.