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Organic spreads, 240 g

3.05 €     

Ekološki sok aronija 0,75 L | Dida Boža


Organic juice, 0,75 L

7.28 €4.24 €     

Ekološki sok nar 0,75 L | Dida Boža


Organic juice, 0,75 L

4.24 €3.58 €     


, 240 g

3.71 €3.05 €     

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…for our golden Olympians! Right after 2021. Games and amazing triumph in coxless pairs rowing discipline, a TV commercial featuring Croatian Olympic champions Sinković brothers was aired across Croatian TV channels. Valent and Martin, three-time Olympic medal winners, were preparing for this prestigious competition with a little help of eco and conventional jams, as well as Dida Boža organic juices without added sugars.


Food and cooking? For some, it is a matter of need and some really enjoy cooking and exploring in every possible way. Our dear collaborator Pogača surprises us every day with delicious and eye-catching meals. Today we found out about her useful tips and advice regard cooking. In addition, we have prepared a few delicious and interesting ideas and recipes for a healthy lunch, snack, or dinner that might not immediately occur to you.


If you haven't heard about „Noćnjak“ yet, you could easily confuse it with its original meaning - oil leaking from the olive. This time we are not talking about that Noćnjak, but the international manifestation of olive growers and producers. The event is taking place for 15 years in a row to evaluate and reward the best oils and products made from it.