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Hrvatska i Dalmacija | DIDA BOŽA

Croatia and Dalmatia

Croatia is a land of thousand islands, scents and tastes.  This is a part of the old world that seduces with natural and cultural beauty, authenticity, mediterranean charm and its people. Popularily known as the Mediterranean as it once was, Dalmatia, a coastal region in Croatia, embodies some of the finest gourmet traditions, which is what our story is about…

Dalmatia mesmerizes with its natural beauty, pristine waters, magnificent hopping islands and the vast green areas.  Some of flagship destinations in Dalmatia include a town of Dubrovnik, a legendary medieval fortress, a historical and globally known Unesco heritage town that has recently earned its popularity as a filming site for the famous TV show series Game of the Thrones.  Another Dalmatia's gem is Zadar, a destination which Alfred Hitchcock labeled as a town with the most beautiful sunset in the world, or the legendary city of Split, a home to a Diocletian's Palace from Roman times, to name a few.  

Dalmatia is indeed a true embodiment of the Mediterranean as it once was - the architecture, climate, the people and vastly spread olive groves and fig treas.   

Take a road trip towards the cristal blue Adriatic, experience the beautiful scenery and embrace the life portrayed through acres and acres of land, and the hard working farmers that diligently work their small lands containing olive groves and fig trees.  Small hand farming is something that is done here for the  tradition, and for the love for the land. 

The eternal olive groves bring a sense of awe, while the simplicity of figs is inspiring – all the fig tree needs is a drop of water and some sunlight to grow and give rich tastes…. All this in addition to the seductive scents of lavander, rosemary and immortelle is Dalmatia.  

Besides natural and cultural beauties, Dalmatian cuisine is another inspiring story…the kind we are about to tell…

Did you already take a walk through Croatia to explore its natural beauties and experience its gastronomical treasures? Dida Boža products are here to take your palate to a culinary journey full of memorable tastes and fragrances.

Close you eyes, envision Croatia's unforgettable scenery and feel the taste of Dalmatia !