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Dida Boža fig and orange pannacotta


1 lunsweetened whipped cream
2teaspoons flower honey
10 gvanilla sugar
1 orangecrust
10 gDida Boža dried figs
10 ggelatine sheets
40 gDida Boža fig and orange spread
0,3 dclrum


Heat aromatized whipped cream in a pot that contains orange and fig crust, bring it to a boil and add sugar. Melt gelatine in cold water and add the whipped cream. Lightly stir trying not to make a foam and leave the mixture to rest. Place the whipped cream in bowls or glasses for serving and leave it in the fridge to tighten (for 1 hour). While waiting for the cream, make the topping from Dida Boža fig and orange spread and rum and leave it in the fridge in order for alcohol to evaporate. Put the fig and orange topping on finished pannacotta and decorate with thin slices of Dida Boža dried figs and a leaf of fresh mint.