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Dida Boža Gift shop

Our Dida Boža Gift Shop tells us a story about about life, work and creativity based on a family tradition that developed into an organic production of fig spreads and other delicacies full of rich flavors. Their products are produced in accordance with the highest environmental standards.

Dida Boža was a real person from the small town of Vodice, the company’s owner grandfather who had spent his entire life growing figs and olives on a rugged Dalmatian land. Grandpa's grandson, Neb Chupin, had always dreamed of having a gift shop as a way of paying a tribute to his grandfather, his genuine love for the nature and fond memories of their time together.

Today’s Dida Boža Gift Shop is proud to present a fine selection of organic spreads, tapenades, juices and chocolate products, some of which are not available in retail store, but are rather exclusive to the Gift Shop, such as Dida Boža Dalmatian Fig Cake and extra virgin olive oil.

Dida Boža natural ingredients, exceptional quality and sophisticated gif-souvenir type of packaging have earned our customers’ loyalty and intrigue for which we are happy, proud and thankful.   

Visit the shop, embrace the local Dalmatian spirit, allow a touch of romance and creativity:

create your own gift box
• select a personalized message from a fine selection of stylized tags

• Walk through Dida Boža’s life through the original, authentic family album photographs
• embrace the music and scents associated with Dalmatia


Dida Boža Gift shop brings the unique experience and memory of Dalmatia, the beauty of nature and its traditional delicacies.

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