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Dida Boža colourful chicken fillet


650 gchicken breast
150 glettuce
100 gred radicchio
60 garugula
60 gbread crumbs
25 gpeeled almonds
5 gparsley
2 ggarlic powder
1 dclyoghurt
0,3 dclAceto balsamico
40 gmayonnaise
1 dclolive oil
30 gDida Boža green olive tapenade
20 gDida Boža black olive tapenade
herbs (basil and thyme)
salt and pepper


Serves 4, preparation time 25 min.


Cut chicken breast into pieces of same thickness and marinade it in Dida Boža green and black olive tapenades and 0,5 dcl olive oil. Leave the chicken to marinade on cold for 10 minutes. While waiting for the chicken to cool down, wash, chop and dry the salad. Make dressing using yoghurt, mayo, aceto balsamico, garlic powder, salt and pepper. Make dry dressing by mixing breadcrumbs with parsley, toasted almonds, spices, and rest of the olive oil, and chop finely in a blender. Grill marinated chicken in a pan, when finished cut into slices, mix with the dry dressing, serve on top of the salad and add the yoghurt dressing.