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Recepti s džemovima, namazima i ostalim proizvodima


200 mlsweet sour cream (unsweetened)
500 gJoghurt
2 dclDida Boža Aronia Juice
50 gFlower Honey
40 gDida Boža Organic Aronia Spread
40 gDida Boža Organig Fig Spread
0,3 dclVodka
0,5 dclMilk


Serving size for 4 persons, preparation time 40 min

Whip the cream with a whisk inside a deep bowl.  In the other bowl mix joghurt, Dida Boža Aronia Juice and flower honey.  To the mixture add the whipped cream, Dida Boža Organic Aronia Spread and Fig Spread.  This will turn into a nice pink liquid.  Pour the linquid into a mould and let it freeze for 30 minutes, then scoop it out to another bowl to be mixed with milk, vodtka, Dida Boža Organic Fig and Aronia Spread by using a stick mixer.  Serve the Sorbet by diviging evenly into the tall glasses.