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The "Eco" sign on Dida Boža products guarantees that they’ve been made in accordance with EU regulations on organic farming. Our consumers can rest assured of the origin and quality of organically produced food and drinks. The sign is recognized in all EU member states.

Organic production is a special system of sustainable agriculture and forestry which involves cultivation of plants and animals, production of food, raw materials and natural fibers, as well as processing of primary products. It includes all ecologically, economically and socially justified production technological methods, procedures and systems of using soil fertility and available water, natural properties of plants, animals and landscapes in the right way, increasing plant yield and resistance using natural forces in accordance with internationally accepted norms and principles.

Apart from organic ingredients, all products are prepared according to traditional Dalmatian recipes and contain high content of organically grown and hand-selected fruit, which gives them full and special flavor. 

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