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Eternal savory pancakes with Dida Boža green olive spread


1/2 cup flour
1/2 cup milk
4 eggs
10 dkg of ham
10 dkg parmesan
1 spring onion
Dida Boža green olive spread - quantity as desired


Add eggs to the bowl and mix until the yolk and egg whites are combined, then add the flour and mix again until the flour and eggs are completely combined. Add milk and mix gently again. Grate parmesan and prepare thinly sliced ham.

Pour the thin mixture on a heated pan and let it bake for a few minutes. Do not turn the pancakes, but add the ham and parmesan to the top and roll. Leave the rolled pancake on the edge of the pan and leave the edge of the pancake a little at the bottom of the pan to blend with the next pancake mixture you pour to connect the pancake. Repeat the process until there is a mixture for pancakes.

Cut the pancake into rolls and arrange them on a serving base and add a spoonful of Dida Boža green olive spread.