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Glazed ham with cloves and Dida Boža apricot and plum spreads

Glazirana šunka s klinčekom i Dida Boža džemovima marelica i šljiva


• 800 g – 1000 g smoked pork rolls
• 100 g Dida Boža apricot spread
• 6 g cloves
• 200 g purple onions
• 40 g Dida Boža plum spread
• 150 g butter
• pinch of salt and pepper
• 1 dl cooking cream
• 400 g of celery
• 40 g of horseradish


Remove the net from the ham and follow the net’s pattern with a knife in order to cut small traces where you shall put the cloves. Spread Dida Boža apricot spread on the ham and put it in the oven for an hour at 180 °C.
Meanwhile, thinly sliced onion shall be simmered in butter until it becomes tender. Then connect it with Dida Boža plum spread and add some salt and pepper according to your own preference.
Cook celery in cold water, mix it with the help of stick blender to turn into purée, connect it with horseradish and butter, spice as you prefer.