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Dida Boža recommends - 7 tips for the perfect summer

There is no better annual season for maximum enjoyment and relaxation. Use the summer as best you can.

Dida Boža preporučuje – 7 savjeta za savršeno ljeto
1. Sit down and do what you like
Try each day to take the time for yourself and do something that relaxes you. Read a good book, let go of your favorite music and sing along with her or just drop it into the sea and refresh it. Sometimes, for a perfect moment of relaxation, drink your first morning coffee in peace and quiet, with your thoughts and plans for a perfect day!
→ For a special coffee experience, we recommend Mount Hagen organic coffee.

2. Shoot and capture favorite moments in your frame
Make interesting photos that will remind you of your vacation and summer 2017. So forever in your collection you will have a piece of a wonderful summer atmosphere and the fun you've been enjoying this year.
→ Reminder: Make a creative selfie at Dida Boja's dressing room because you still have the chance to win Dida Boa's delicious packages. The Summer Contest runs until the end of August.
3. Forget your "flaws" and radiate confidence
Put on your favorite swimsuit or dress without thinking about how to stand someone else. We are confident that you are standing right! Take a walk on the beach, eat in your favorite restaurant, dance and enjoy the summer sunset!
→ Reward with delicious cocoa daisies that provide the flavor of natural fruits and a handful of nutrition - an opportunity to enjoy a delicious treat has never been more tempting!

4. Eat smaller and lighter meals
Avoid heavy food due to summer heat. During the hot summer days, try Dida Boža summer receptions. We're sure you will love it!
Morning Protein Yogurt Shake or Fitness Yogurt will refresh you and give you strength for the start of the day. For lunch we prepared Spice Tune for tune lovers, and for lovers of meat, the Colorful Chicken File. We did not forget about the vegetarians we have a Light Spring Salad.
→ Surprise yourself and your favorite tasty and innovative recipes!

5. Drink plenty of fluids
Because of the hot summer months your body will miss the fluids. Drink at least 8 glasses of water per day, which will revitalize you, and for additional refreshment, try Dida Boža ecological juice, cycle or natural tangerine.
→ Be sure to leave them in the refrigerator to cool off and pay tribute to society!

6. You have a summer day
Try Dida Boža Jamaica with bread, pancakes, in addition to your favorite cake or simply sweeten by trying it on a spoon. For great chefs we recommend Dida Boža an ecological jar of figs, strawberries or orange figs. The lovers of sweet acidic flavors will enjoy the ecological jams of aronia, cherry or tasty mandarin, and for those who avoid sweetly prepared salty tapenades of green and black olives and a fantastic ajvar!
→ Natural and ecological products are your best ally to preserve your health. And not just summer!

7. Surround yourself with positive energy
Invite your company, relatives, partners to the excursion during which you will relax and have fun. Forget about work and worry.
→ Today is a perfect summer day - just choose positive thoughts that will attract positive situations and events in your life. Today is your day!


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Collaboration between local small producers

We are sure you already had the chance to try Dida Boža products, but maybe you aren't fully familiarized with the brand origins and how it all began. Dida Boža is a Croatian brand following the traditional Dalmatian recipe, which dates way back in the past.


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Poklon paketi

Razveselite svoje bližnje, poslovne partnere ili dragu osobu i darujte im poseban poklon u kojem će zasigurno uživati.


Dida Boža's dalmatian house

With a pleasant relaxing atmosphere, we convey a touch of tradition, taste and a healthy lifestyle, in order to provide you with a true holiday that relaxes your mind and nourishes your soul.


5 Dida Boža top advices for summer madness

Take a look at our 5 advices for summer madness

Dida Boža ljetni natječaj 2018


Dida Boža Summer Reward Contest 2018

Post a photo with your grandpa or next to a Dida Boža dressing room and win a yummy prize.


Dida Boža Summer Reward Contest

Take a funny selfie next to Dida Boža dressing room and win a yummy prize!


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Posebna novost u shopu je Dida Boža kartica vjernosti koju besplatno mogu preuzeti svi ljubitelji ovih ukusnih dalmatinskih delicija.
Sa svakom kupnjom (u iznosu od 30 kn ili više) kupac ostvaruje pravo na jednu Dida Boža naljepnicu.

HERMES | Jubilarci | Visoki standardi, kvaliteta i međunarodni uspjeh


High standards, quality and international success

The Dida Boža brand is the Croatian market leader in the organic products segment. It is synonymous for unique Dalmatian flavor products and top quality. The brand is named after a real person, grandfather of company owner Neb Chupin.

Željko Bebek, Gradonačelnik Bandić i Neb Chupin na otvorenju Dida Boža Gift Shopa


Dida Boža Gift Shop officially opened in Radićeva street 12

Gift Shop Dida Boža tells a story about life, work and creativity based on family tradition that has developed into organic production of fig spreads and other delicacies full of rich flavors.