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Dumplings with Dalmatia Fig and cocoa spread (Ficoco)

Knedle s Dida Boža čokoladnim namazom od smokava s kakaom


● 500 g rough flour
● 1 small bag instant yeast
● 1 egg
● pinch of salt
● lemon zest
● 150 g butter
● 150 ml milk
● 200 g Dalmatia Fig cocoa spread

● icing sugar for sprinkling dumplings


Sift flour in a bowl and then mix it with dry yeast, sugar and a pinch of salt. Add milk, melted butter and egg to the dry mixture and knead dough into a smooth mixture. Let dough rest for 30 minutes in order to rise. When the mixture doubles in volume, roll it and cut into 8-10 equal rectangles. Furthermore, put a teaspoon of  Dida Boža Fig and cocoa spread over each piece. After that, turn rectangles into balls, place them on a baking sheet and let them rest for half an hour more.

The balls shall be steam cooked in a way that you place a gauze over a boiling pot of water. Cook dumplings for about 15 minutes.