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Chicken Liver Pate with Dida Boža Figs and Orange Spread

Pašteta od pilećih jetrica s Dida Boža džemom od smokve i naranče


100 gonion
10 ggarlic
800 gchicken liver
100 gbutter
according to your own preferencecognac
200 gwhipped cream
100 gDida Boža fig with orange spread
according to your own preferencesalt
according to your own preferencepepper


Cut the onion into small pieces, warm the butter and fry the onion until it takes on a yellowish color. Cut the liver into small pieces, add it to the pan and fry for 5 minutes until well done on both sides. Allow liver pieces to cool down completely, place them into a blender and chop to get a homogeneous mixture.  Add butter and season with salt and pepper to taste. Press the mixture through a sieve into the pan and stir unsweetened whipped cream; leave the pate in the fridge to harden.

While waiting, mix cognac with the fig orange spread to get fine texture.

Serve a pate with Dida Boža Fig Orange spread on a crispy toast.