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O Dida Boži | DIDA BOŽA

Hand picked figs

Fig spread represents a blend of Dalmatian heritage, irresistible taste and golden colour, prepared based on a traditional recipe with a high concentration of ecologically grown figs.

Rukom birane smokve | DIDA BOŽA

Each fig is opened by hand to be inspected in detail, all to ensure the highest quality of the spread. This unique blend of Dalmatian tradition, irresistible taste and golden colour comes to life in the Dida Boža Organic Fig Spread.

Zdravo i nesvakidašnje

Ekološki nerafinirani šećer Dida Boža iz Indije | DIDA BOŽA

Organic sugar

Originating from India, this ecological sugar will easily enrich your favourite meals, sweets or beverages. “Recommended by Dida Boža” label serves as proof of its superior quality.

Međunarodna priznanja | DIDA BOŽA

International awards

Serving as an additional proof of its quality and uniqueness, the Dida Boža Fig Spread is recognized on the demanding American market, where it has won three gold medals at the Fancy Food Show, the prestigious competition of gourmet products in the USA.

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